Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Two pictures of my office building and lobby.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The onslaught of comments from my followers this week, chastizing me for not updating my blog has been, inspiring.

Short post, I promise more later this afternoon.


Now on to character and fitness review. Apparently they don't want complete and total nut-jobs as attorneys (we want them as current presidents and senators). I'll be admitted to the bar in January, sworn in at Albany. Also, learned this week that my parents will be attending with me!

Otherwise, wedding plans are going fantastically. Currently, I can't wait till Thanksgiving reunion in the Berkshires. But most get through 3 days of work first.

More later.

Monday, October 6, 2008

It's been a while since I last wrote. Tizzy and I had a wonderful time in NYC, culminated with a frantic trip to EWR, getting her on the plane with 6 minutes before they shut the door. Thankfully no one was in line for security!

It's certainly fall weather here and I'm sure Central Park is gearing up for Fall Festivals and season change.

Work is going well, it's a bit slower, but not to terrible. I actually only worked about 45 hours last week instead of 50+!

Still getting new pieces of furniture for the apartment and making changes for when Tizzy gets here next!

More later..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sorry everyone that it's been so long since I've last written. Work has kept me busy. Like 11 hour days. The perks of working late are dinner from a choice of hundreds of restraunts that deliver and if you work late into the evening, you can get a car service home. By car service I mean a driver in a Lincoln Towncar, not a taxi-cab driver by Achmed. 

Otherwise, it's a busy time with deadlines this month, driven by judges who want to move litigation along. Firm is in the midst of lots of projects. But although the hours are late, and i don't see much of my apartment (i'm glad i'm not paying for cable) the team of people is second to none. We all work hard and if a project needs to get done, everyone stays late. 

I did get an ATT tilt phone. It's a neat little toy. 

But most importantly: TIZZY comes tomorrow!

Now back to getting the apartment ready for her..

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just a quick note:

Work is great. They keep me busy and late, but that's due to a court deadline that's approaching. I'm working on a litigation matter at the moment, and it's fascinating to learn about the case and the preparations. The firm has great people, and even though we're there late, it's a great group of people to work with.

More updates later.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rainy Day Musicians

Not much to report today. Lessons learned: Double check your double check. No really. Errors are like bad chameleons and jump out when you're least expecting them and bite. Hard.

Otherwise Day two at Firm was as exciting as the first. Today I also learned how to incorporate a not for profit and how to work the cappucino machine, yes, in the same hour.

The last picture didn't show off the best view of the city from my window, the M&M guy, so as a one day special, i've put some at the bottom of this post. The shiny lights shined through the rain we got here today. 

 Also, I like the subway musicians... Random people playing music at the subway station at 53rd \51st and Lexington where I transfer from the 6 to the V. It helps soothe the atmosphere when 4 F trains in a row come before the uptown V.

To all who are waiting for business cards, you'll have to wait till I pass the bar and am admitted in NY. Sorry, but that's the way it goes. 

That's all for tonight. Remember, it melts in your mouth, not in your hand!

Monday, September 8, 2008

First Day

Good evening my followers.

Tonight, I am proud to report to you as an official associate at Firm. The image to the left is the view out of my office looking over Times Square and into New Jersey. The office is located between Rockerfeller Center and Times Square.

Pretty nice digs if you ask me.

How did the first day go? Wonderful. I made the right decision in choosing Firm. For a New York City Law Firm, it's an amazing group of people. There are only about 45 people (partners, associates, paralegals and support staff) in the NYC location creating a very professional, but informal working relationship. What's informal? Everyone is on first name basis. Indeed, while other first day associates maybe be reprimanded for other things, I was reprimanded for two reasons: 1) for calling people "Mr. __" or "Ms. __" or "sir" and "Ma'am". It's all first name, named partners on down. Secondly, I was reprimanded for being a Cardinals fan. The later I take solace in the 2006 World Series Championship. (More the NLDS....) Don't get me wrong, Firm is at the top of it's game and does HUGE business with well known clients. Suffice it to say that stock market day trading is no longer an option for me.

What was the first day like? Fun!

"Official" Hours are 9:30-5:30.... if you're not working on an assignment with a deadline. Unfortunately, in my area, deadlines are common. Time is money. Days saved on clearance equals a lot of cash.

I started at 9:30, was shown my office and then did a meet and greet with everyone at the firm. Almost finished filing out employment forms and then went to lunch in Rockerfeller Center. I should be more specific, I ate rink side in Rockerfeller Center. Incidentally, there is a whole underground city under R.C. with lots of shops, restaurants and more!

After a filling meal of seafood, I returned to the office where I finished filling out paperwork and got a crash course on computer programs, document management, e-mail, and yes, billing. Once told that my Palm Treo 750 is authorized, I continued to spend most of the rest of the afternoon finding my way around programs, reading latest developments from DOJ and FTC as well as refreshing myself on legal writing styles.

Later in the afternoon, I put my Corporations knowledge to work and researched the process to incorporate a non-profit, and then quickly drafted the certificate of filing. After hearing more about what the clients wanted, I went home at 6:15.

Got on the wrong subway home, but then resolved to get off and walk a couple blocks home. It was a beautiful day in NYC and I enjoyed the walk.

Tonight, to relax, get things ready for tomorow and do it all over again!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Good Evening,


Welcome to my family and friends! Rather than sending out impersonal mass e-mails, I've decided to use another impersonal medium, blogging. It is my aim to provide a narration of events that transpire here in Manhattan. As a transplant to New York, this will most likely cover a range of topics including moving to the Big Apple, local places of notice, updates on starting a new job and career as well as information on event planning. Of course, usual random musings shall be included as well. If this does not interest you, I suggest you utilize the handy "search" toolbar that the computer programmers of your web browsers of choice has installed, and type in the word "butterflies". Why butterflies? Simply because they spend a great deal of effort to become a beautiful creature, only to have a short lifespan. Also, according to information provided to me by a well known biologist from St. Louis, MO, they are awfully hard to stalk when trying to take still pictures of them.


If you're still with me, let's proceed...


To start, most of you are wondering about the title of this page. "Horse Riding on 2nd Avenue". Although confusing at first, after my explanation, you might find that it is a rather apt title. As most of you know, I have recently graduated from law school in Pennsylvania. Pending the positive release of test scores from the July bar exam (the law certification exam, not to be confused with a meet and greet with Mesrs. Daniels, Cuervo and Williams), I will have earned the formal, yet archaic title of "esquire". As a younger scholar, I thought this meant that I could ride horses. Obviously, one who does equestrian activities is a "squire" but not an "esquire". Confusing for a young lad I might add. In any event, the second part of the name refers to the area of the upper east side in which I currently reside in a one bedroom apartment. (Which, incidentally, is large enough to host visitors). Therefore, this blog is aptly named.


I find it fitting to start this blog on the eve of embarking on a new career, and thus a new chapter in my life. Tomorrow, I will begin work at a law firm, hereby nicknamed "the acquirers" reflecting the nature of the work: Mergers and Acquisitions and Antitrust. More on this at a later time.


 I have been in NYC for just over a week. I moved in with help of my Cousin, S2 and her fiancĂ©e, S3 as well as a friend from law school, "Preppy" and my good college buddy and best man, "Mr. H.".  Mr. H and I flew to Harrisburg, PA from St. Louis, heavily laden and proceeded to travel to State College where we ate Creamery Ice Cream, watched the Nittany Lions Crush the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers, wet our palates with friends, rented a truck, loaded it from storage, drive to NYC, get stuck in an intersection after the Lincoln Tunnel (thanks to the driving skills of Preppy) and then unload and return the truck, all in one day. After a couple days of touring local establishments, buying furniture and sharing company, Mr. H went home Tuesday morning. Tuesday evening, soon to be father in law, Big K showed up for a business meeting. After a day of food and meeting various lawyers, Mr. K went home, taking with him items that Mr. H absentmindedly left at my apartment.


The rest of the week was spent unpacking, wandering the neighborhood and getting ready for tomorrow. 


That being said, it's time to iron my shirt.


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